Did you know?

Working for cash:

It's illegal for your employer to pay you cash in hand without deducting tax and National Insurance contributions from your wages. However, you can accept cash payments for work you do as long as you declare this on a Self Assessment tax return, and pay Income Tax and National Insurance contributions if these are due. This will depend on your overall taxable income in the tax year.

If you work for yourself:

If you're self-employed on a temporary or part-time basis you must register with HMRC as self-employed within three months of when you first start work. You'll have to complete a Self Assessment tax return and are responsible for paying your own tax and National Insurance contributions on the income you earn.

Organisations who make cash payments could be liable to pay the tax and NI contributions if the individual has not registered as being self-employed.

Frequently asked questions

Clients frequently ask questions regarding our employment and recruitment service.

Here are the most frequently asked:

Q. We would love to employ a sports coach and an admin officer but our hosting organisation imposes company policy regarding headcount, so we cannot take anybody else onto our payroll directly.

A. This is where we excel! We can sort this problem out for you, as we can employ the people on your behalf, so they are on our payroll and have an employment contract with us that is based on your terms and conditions. We can also invoice the budget of your choice, which enables you to fund the coach as a project, within your marketing budget for example.

Q. Additional staff is exactly what I need in my partnership, but the thought of having to deal with applications is putting me off.

A. This isn’t a problem. We will work with you to draft a full job description and person specification. We will then advertise the placement on relevant websites, job boards and directly to our comprehensive database of sports coaches. We mark all applications received based on your criteria and provide you with a high quality shortlist to interview. We will also arrange the interviews and help you to choose a suitable candidate, so working with us saves you a lot of time and effort!

Q. We are a small School Sports Partnership and I’m not sure where we stand regarding employing people and their pay and tax.

A. At Spire Recruitment Solutions we have experience in employing sports administrators and coaches on behalf of other organisations. We can advise on typical salary levels, although the final decision is yours, and can then take over the whole employment process for you, meaning the employee has a fixed term contract of employment with us, and we deal with all of their pay, tax and NI. Employees are offered the chance to join our stakeholder pension scheme and we also have Employer’s Liability Insurance that covers all of our contracted employees.

Q. Do I have to take advantage of both services – recruitment and employment?

A. No – our recruitment and employment services are separate, although many of our clients take full advantage of the combined package.

If you decide to take advantage of our recruitment service, we will advertise your vacancy on relevant websites, job boards and our comprehensive database. We mark all applicants received, based on your criteria, and produce a shortlist of 4-6 candidates per vacancy for you to interview. We can also arrange the interviews for you.

We can also employ people on your behalf. This is a service a lot of our clients take advantage of because of the benefits of:

  • no addition to your organisation's headcount
  • overcoming budget constraints as we will invoice the budget of your choice enabling you to fund the person as a project
  • we take care of all the admin and payroll freeing up your time to concentrate on what you are good at
  • we will take care of the contract of employment that is based on your terms and conditions

Q. I see that you are based in Derbyshire – does this mean that you only deal with organisations and companies locally?

A. No, not at all. We can work with any organisation in the UK. In fact, although we are based in Derbyshire, the great majority of our clients are based elsewhere in the UK.